Unknown Shareholders

Click here to view a list of shareholders for whom we have no contact details. These shareholders may be deceased, we may have never been in contact with them, or we may have lost contact with them because they have moved, or changed their bank account details, and not advised us.

If your name is on the list and we have previously been in contact with you, please contact us and provide your full name, previous address, new address, previous bank details, new bank details. This will enable us to check your previous details, and enter your new ones.

If your name is on the list and we have not previously been in contact with you, or you are a descendant of a deceased person who is on the list, please provide a full whakapapa back to the parents of the listed person. We will then verify this with the information we hold, and contact you.

If you know anyone on this list, please get them to contact us, as below.

Please note:  This may not be a full or accurate list at the time of viewing, as it is only updated periodically.  We may be in contact with some of these shareholders or their descendants.  In this case verification may be underway but the required steps have not been completed to process transfers, or we are still awaiting further information to enable us to remove them from the “unknown” category.

Our contact details are:

Email:  waitutu@hotmail.com

Mail:  81 Hedgeley Road, RD2, Eskdale, Napier 4182

Phone:  06 8367 375